Saturn Lines and 2012 Dow Jones performance

Saturn Lines_NEWIf you fancy using astrology as part of your trading routine, one of the most insightful concepts you can read about is the Universal Clock. The Universal Clock idea was advanced by W.D. Gann, but popularized years ago by futures trader and author Jeanne Long. At first this clock appears horribly confusing, but once you get comfortable with it, you will derive immense satisfaction from it as you express degrees of time in terms of price.

One of the most creative uses of the Universal Clock is to plot the positioning of planet Saturn during the course of a year with the position of this planet expressed in terms of price. In the above diagram of Dow Futures (using daily nearest price data), I have plotted several Saturn lines on the chart. Note how the bottom line catches the June lows and comes in just under the mid-November lows. The upper-most Saturn line just manages to clip the October highs. If you regularly use astrology in your trading, this will come as no shocker to you. If you have not used a lot of astrology in your trading to this point, these Saturn lines should give you reason to pause and reflect on the power of Nature and how it controls the emotions of those who trade the markets.


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