Astrology and the Japenese Yen

2012 yen

The Japanese Yen presents an interesting case study for the application of astrology. As I discuss in my upcoming book, The Bull,the Bear and the Planets, the Yen has an affinity for Mercury-Pluto aspects. On the chart that appears in this post, you can see the weekly nearest performance of the Yen during 2012 and the first few weeks of 2013. I have marked on this chart some of the aspects from 2012. In the interest of clutter, I have left out several of the Mercury-Pluto aspects. But look close at the aspects I have inserted and you will see how accurately they align with critical changes in trend. You will also note some green horizontal lines I have placed on the chart. These represent bands of support and resistance and have been calculated using the Universal Clock (credit to author Jeanne Long). This clock is otherwise known as Gann’s Wheel of 24 and was reportedly used extensively by Gann.  Note how these bands of support nicely catch the March lows and the August highs. As for the near term, there is a band of support that exists between 1.074 and 1.098. So look for some more weakness in the Yen to come.  


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