TSX Index and Saturn Lines

Saturn Lines_NEW

I recently completed the exercise in which I calculated the Saturn transit lines for 2012 and overlaid them on a weekly chart (as generated from www.barchart.com). The figure in this blog shows the overlay of the Saturn lines. Notice how these lines have provided a good measure of support and resistance.

We are starting to hear the media express some reservations as to the remaining strength of the current push higher on equity markets. After all, we are soon due for the 4 year cycle to come to an end. Recall this current cycle started in March 2009.

With 2012 past us, what do the Saturn lines portrend for 2013 ? Although not shown here, the extended Saturn lines do show overhead resistance at the 12950-12960 level on the TSX Index. Starting in mid-February, Saturn does turn retrograde and if one were plotting Saturn lines on a chart, they would start to dip downwards, thus taking away from overhead support. I am taking a somewhat cautious stance on the markets right now. I would not be surprised to see a pullback from the 12950 level. The markets are behaving right now as if all the problems of the past 2 years are done, finished, gone. That is not the case at all. If for some reason the markets choose to confound (as they often do), the next overhead resistance according to Saturn lines is 13,190.   


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