dow2 gartley

Saturn has now turned retrograde and shall remain so until early July. Mars-Saturn cycles are portending something possibly negative in the near future. In the embedded image, I have applied the parallelogram setup to a chart of the DOW futures using the June 2012 lows, September highs and November lows as my A B C points respectively. Point D projects out into March as far as time is concerned and slightly above current levels as far as price is concerned. As we near point D in time, bear in mind that price can move to meet D or it can actually move higher than D and then experience a correction as we saw (see a prior post) with TSX:BIN.

Take the time also to look at prior posts on this site where I have shown Saturn transit lines to see where overhead resistance lies. At a time when the media talking heads are giddy with excitement and talking about the looming great bull market ahead, I would say some caution is warranted.


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