Astro-Cartography and American History

USA Rt Ascension

I am stepping out of my element with this post. There is something called Astro-Cartography that I have been studying and I find it fascinating. The technique involves one of generating a natal birth chart and then converting that chart into Right Ascension format. Once in this format, express the position of the various planets in terms of degrees.

Next, locate those degrees of longitude on an atlas and see what cities/countries fall within 250 miles of the longitude degree in question.

Next, piece together a prediction story.

For example, President John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Mass on May 29, 1917. If I generate his natal chart, do the conversions etc… and spot his Pluto, it is at 93 degrees. Pluto, is the signator of death and 93 degrees longitude comes very, very close to Dallas, Texas ( within 150 miles in fact). Wow !

As an added exercise, I have generated the natal chart for the USA using July 4, 1776 and Philadephia. After conversions etc…, I see that Pluto at 300 degrees, Mars at 80 degrees, Uranus at 67 degrees, Jupiter at 96 degrees Mercury at 115 degrees and Neptune at 173 degrees. Saturn is at 194 degrees.


Robert Hand describes Mercury as the planet of sensory experiences. And where do we get such experiences? Why at 115 degrees of longitude, of course ! And where is that? If you guessed Las Vegas, you are correct !

Mars is the god of war, the planet of defensiveness. Mars at 80 degrees is right on top of – yes you guessed it, Fort Sumter where the US Civil war started !

Uranus is the symbol of sudden change in a big way. Old systems give way to new ones. Uranus at 67 degrees is just off the coast of Boston – the site of the Boston tea party and the beginning of the movement to establish an independent United States of America.

Jupiter signifies expansiveness. Jupiter at 96 degrees lies right at Kansas City. I read this to mean, that the US expanded and grew once settlers pushed west of Kansas City.

Saturn at 194 lies over the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. Saturn is associated with a dampening influence. I suppose one could argue that Russia has been a dampening influence on America over the past decades.

Lastly, Pluto. Pluto is typically associated with death as we saw with the JFK chart. So, is Pluto’s position related to the death of America? Or is it related to death that will be directly caused by America? In any event, Pluto at 300 degrees lies right over – yes you guessed it – the nation of Iran !

I welcome feedback on this post. As I say, I am very new to this Astro-Cartography stuff.








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