Canadian Dollar and Heliocentric Mercury

For those of you who have bought my 2013 Astro Calendars, open your calendar file and take a look at the month of February 2013 and note those dates when heliocentric Mercury and heliocentric Saturn make aspects to one another. Notice how the Canadian Dollar exhibits volatility around these dates on an intraday chart. The next aspect date is March 18 when these planets are 0 degrees apart. To be fair, one has to use some ‘orb’ so expect to see the impact of this aspect possibly a few days ahead of the 18th. Also, this week-end coming we have heliocentric Mercury changing signs.

Add to this cocktail mix, the B of Canada rate decision and language coming on March 6 and the fact that the 2-2-2 pattern we are looking at (see previous post) has to hold at the 97 level and you have the makings for some excitement….


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