Mercury Direct and Mars Changing Signs

In the past week I have written 2 articles that you can find on my main web-page located at

The first article talked about Mercury.

In that article I noted….

One planet that receives much attention when it is retrograde is Mercury. This planet is the closest planet to the Sun and completes its orbit around the Sun in about 88 days. Earth takes 365 days to orbit the Sun – so you can see how the two car analogy outlined above comes into play. To observers on Earth, Mercury can be seen to go retrograde three times a year. In 2012, Mercury was retrograde from March 12-April 4, from July 15-August 6 and from November 6-November 25.

To illustrate the volatile happenings when Mercury is retrograde, take a look at a chart of Gold prices and a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. (read more…)


In my second article I talked about Mars changing signs of the zodiac. I noted….

To illustrate the impact Mars can have on market
indices, consider the following chart which illustrates S&P500 Index price
action from early 2011 through early 2012. The dark arrows overlaid on the
chart denote those times when Mars changed signs of the zodiac. Note how these
sign change events align with shorter term swings in trend. Given the slow
moving nature of Mars, do not necessarily expect a trend swing to occur on the
exact day of the sign change. Instead, be alert for such a change approximately
one week on either side of the sign change date. (Read more…)
We have now seen the effect that these planets can have on the psyche of traders and investors. On Sunday it was announced that the tiny island of Cyprus is about to pass a resolution in its parliament that will see individual deposit holders have between 6% and 9% of their money confiscated to help pay for a bailout of a Cypriot bank. Markets gyrated wildly on news of this gutsy move and its potential to set a dangerous precedent. So, why did this news emerge now? Well, therein lies the fascinating nature of astrology. Mercury turned direct on Sunday after having been retrograde. Mars changed signs several days ago. And bang….some news comes out of left field that roils markets. Such is the nature of these 2 planets and their effect on mankind.


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