Potash Corp (TSX:POT) Weakening…A Bottom is Nearing….


The embedded chart is a daily look at TSX:POT. The lows in Nov 2012 define the starting point for a Gartley pattern overlay. Using the golden mean, point D projects to around the $38.5 level and the Beck parallelogram also is in agreement. As far as time is concerned, I would guess the next 2 weeks should deliver up a point D, but be on the lookout – it could happen sooner.

Here is something else to note ( and you can explore this further for yourself). Potash Corp has a first trade date of Nov 2, 1989 which was a mere couple days after a New Moon. Take a look at some lunar dates as you study a chart of POT and you may notice some correlations to lunar activity.Looking ahead, we have a Full Moon due on March 27 and a New Moon on April 10.




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