Volatility brought to you by Sun, Uranus, Mars and Venus…

April 3 aspects

Wow. That was an extraordinary day. In Canada the TSX wiped out its year to date gains in one fell swoop. So what gives ?

The embedded image in this post shows the planetary positions as at today. On this zodiac I have circled in red an area to focus on. It shows Sun in conjunction to Mars and Venus and Uranus.

 The last time Sun was conjunct to Mars and Venus at the same time was in the last week of October 2006 when the S&P dropped 30 points.

Now throw in malefic Uranus and you have quite a cocktail mix that affects mass psychology here on Earth. Remember, the financial markets are nothing more than an exercise in mass psychology. If we are feeling positive, we buy. If we get rattled by planetary gravitational pulls, we sell.

This group of aspects shall soon pass, but then we are headed for a Pluto-Uranus 90 degree square event in May so look for more volatility ….






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