Gold and Mars – History Repeats


Gold futures started trading on Dec 31, 1974. The embedded image in this post shows this natal chart. Note that Mars is 150 degrees to Saturn, 90 degrees to Jupiter and 120 degrees to Moon. Hence, Mars is a “key” planet that will impact Gold prices. In mythic lore, ancient civilizations regarded Mars as the warrior planet in reference to its reddish hue in the skies.

I spent many hours this past weekend studying Gold prices from 2006 to present. I have noticed one peculiar phenomenon that seems to weigh heavily on Gold. Approximately every 2 or so years, Sun will meet up with planet Mars in the same zodiac sign. Each time these two bodies are in the same sign, Gold exhibits bad volatility. Also, it seems that Mars will be 45 degrees to Jupiter at these Sun-Mars events as well. Such a 45 degree aspect is not a pleasant one, to be sure.

In October 2006, we had one of these Mars-Sun conjunct events and Gold fell 28%, falling from $800 to $576.

In December 2008, Gold fell 26%, falling from $925 to $680. It then recovered a bit and fell a bit more. At  the exact date of Sun and Mars being at the same degree in the same sign, Gold price bottomed and began to rally smartly.

In February 2011 Gold fell 8%, dropping from $1420 to $1307 as Sun and Mars met up in the same sign.

And, lastly, here we go again. Gold is getting pumelled yet again today as Sun and Mars are meeting up in the sign of Aries. Mars is also 45 degrees to Jupiter to add to the nastiness. Gold has fallen from the $1600 area to about $1380 at this time of writing for a decline of 13%.

By the end of April, Sun will have completed its passing of Mars and Mars will no longer be 45 degrees to Jupiter. The effects of Mars will be on the wane. 

So, look forward to a couple more weeks of volatility on Gold prices before we see some semblance of a recovery. Over the next couple weeks, we will have a unique opportunity to enter into selected Gold stocks as most investors remain paralyzed with fear.

Planetary aspects have dominated man’s emotions since the beginning of time. What we are experiencing with Gold right now is just another example of this cosmic influence on our emotion. Remember, it is our emotional hard-wiring that makes us buy or sell on the markerts. By being receptive to the notion that the cosmos influences our emotions, we can anticipate significant planetary events and take steps to better manage our investments.


One comment on “Gold and Mars – History Repeats

  1. Dustin Chubb says:

    Do you think this will rattle out some of the weaker juniors? What do you think of Osisko at a $4 entry point?

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