Gold and the McWhirter Method

In 1938, a “Loiuse McWhirter” penned a book in New York called simply McWhirter Theory of Stock Market Forecasting.

Ths technique outlined in this book, calls for a study of the first trade chart for a stock or commodity to identify “key” planets that stand to influence price action of the stock or commodity.

I have gone back to 2011 and applied this method to Gold futures.

The article in its entirety is posted at Look for the tab called PUBLICATIONS and then go to the sub-tab called ARCHIVES. There you will find the briefs I post on various astrology matters.

Have a read of the article on Gold. You may find it fascinating how Gold prices are influenced by planetary and lunar aspects, all of which influence emotions of traders and investors.

This week’s very tough Sun-Mars aspect is obviously affecting a lot more than just Gold. Once it is over and done with by the end of April, markets hopefully will calm down and the emotions of market participants will not be so touchy.


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