Barrick Gold – Could the AGM Have Been at a Worse Time ?

Barrick Gold synastry chartBarrick Gold natal chart

Barrick Gold (TSX:ABX) is feeling no love right now.

A quick read of the astrology chart for Barrick Gold (TSX:ABX) reveals some interesting phenomena.

The embedded natal chart shows that Barrick was “born” onto the Toronto Stock Exchange on May 2, 1983. The first phenomena that jumps off the chart is the Sun-Mars conjunction in the sign of Taurus. In previous posts in the past week or so I have talked about how investor emotions can be very sensitive at times of Mars-Sun conjunctions which occur only every couple years. So, the time of Barrick’s debut onto the TSX back in 1983 was a time of heightened emotion.

The next embedded chart is what is called a synastry chart, that is, two charts in one. The inner part of this synastry chart is the 1983 natal chart. The outer part of the chart is the planetary alignments as of today, April 24 when Barrick is having its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Toronto.

Could Barrick have picked a worse time for its AGM? Sun and Mars are once again at a conjunction in Taurus and true to form investor nerves are jangled and emotions heightened, what with falling Gold prices and all. To make matters even more interesting, Venus is also in Taurus and Venus is the ruler of Taurus. One Venusian theme is the “attitude towards other people”. And what do we hear today? Indeed, shareholders are protesting over Barrick’s executive bonus payments. It seems in the wake of poor share price, Barrick has been displaying a bad attitude to other people – its shareholders – by paying out huge signing bonuses to its top execs. 

In my humble opinion, Barrick should have waited until early May to have its AGM. By then, the Sun-Mars conjunction would have been on the way out and Venus would have been on its way out of Taurus and emotions would have been starting to calm…..


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