NextGen Energy Ltd (TSXv:NXE) Natal Chart

Next Gen natal chart

April 23, 2013 saw the debut of a new Uranium player to the public markets, NextGen Energy Ltd. which trades under the ticker TSXv:NXE.

This public market debut comes at a most interesting time. The embedded image to this post shows the natal chart for NextGen. I draw your attention to a few matters, namely:

  • This launch comes a couple days before a partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses are always critical times in the psyche of investors.
  • Mars and Sun are conjunct. This phenomenon has been discussed in prior posts on this site. This conjunction is also a critical time in the psyche of investors.
  • Sun,Mars and Venus are opposite Saturn. This is often a critical turning point in human emotion.

In short, NextGen debuts at a critical inflection point in investor emotion. I read these phenomena to mean that NextGen will go on to enjoy good success in its undertakings as these “heavy” astrological aspects are now moving off,  out of harms way as it were.In addition, I see that Sun and Uranus are approaching a favorable 30 degree aspect. Uranus is the planet that governs nuclear energy.

Keep NextGen on your quote screen. I shall be looking for good things from this company.



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