Crude Oil and the Sun-Pluto 120 degree aspect

Crude Sun Pluto Trine

Crude Oil has been recovering nicely after being punished lately. So, the burning question now is, can Crude continue its climb in the face of decent inventory numbers? Are there any planetary aspects coming that may act as critical turning points for Crude price?

The one aspect that I see coming on May 1 is a Sun-Pluto 120 degree aspect. In the natal chart for Crude Oil futures, Sun is located mid-way between Neptune and Pluto. This may explain why financial astrology authors and traders for 30+ years have been focused on aspects between Sun-Pluto and Sun-Neptune to explain key turning points on Crude prices.

So, what does history have to say about Sun-Pluto 120 degree aspects?

The embedded image herein, provides an answer. On this weekly nearest chart of Crude futures, I have placed a red arrow at the Sun-Pluto 120 degree events. I have further circled the time frames around these events to draw your attention to what price did in the immediately before and after these aspects. Notice that these 120 degree aspects align to swing changes in price trend, sometimes to the upside, sometimes to the downside.

As I pen this piece, I see June Crude Oil futures flashing a BUY signal on my daily chart and price action peeking its head above the 200 day moving average. Positive developments that hint at higher prices to be sure.

I shall be watching Crude futures closely. The Sun-Pluto aspect is “exact” on Wednesday May 1. Price behavior starting Monday April 29 will offer up some hints as to what the true effect of this aspect will be.



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