Transit Lines for the Dow Jones Industrial Average

dow transit lines

Transit lines are a fascinating way to look at price action of a given stock or commodity. This technique has been used by financial astrologers for going on 100 years now. As I explain in my forthcoming book (to be called The Lost Science), transit lines are created using the mathematics of the Universal Clock (aka the Gann Wheel). The embedded chart herein displays daily price action of the Dow Jones Indistrial Average since Dec 2012. I have calculated and overlaid the Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune transit lines on to this chart. Note how price action on the Dow seems to be closely adhering to the upsloping Mars lines? This is because Mars is one of the rulers of the 10th House in the birth chart of the New York Stock Exchange. I am paying close attention to the time period at the end of May – early June. This is when you will see several of these transit lines intersect. Intersections of transit lines can often lead to changes of trend short term. You will also see a Mercury and Mars make some interesting aspects with the Moon and with other key points of the zodiac at this timeframe too.


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