Canadian Dollar and Heliocentric Mercury-Saturn 90 degrees

cdn dollar natal-1canadian dollar merc sat 90

The natal chart embedded herein is that of the Canadian Dollar futures contract that began trading May 16, 1972. I draw your attention to the position of Mercury and Saturn in the chart – note they are within orb of being 90 degrees apart. As I note in The Bull, the Bear and the Planets, old manuscripts pertaining to financial astrology make note of the importance of this heliocentric aspect in trading not only the Canadian dollar but also the British Pound which made its debut on the futures markets at the same time in 1972. I have also embedded a chart of the Canadian Dollar, weekly nearest futures, in this post. The red arrows denote the 90 degree aspect dates. Observe that sometimes these key dates lead to larger trend changes, sometimes these aspects simply result in a strong uptrend just levelling off for a bit. In any case, these 90 degree aspects are a tool that currency traders ought to watch. I use these events to sometimes take a position in the currency futures, but more often than not I will sell an out of the money Put or Call option to avail myself of either the coming change of trend or pause in trend and thereby capture some or all of the option time value.

As I write this post, we are at a 90 degree aspect of heliocentric Mercury to Saturn. The next such event occurs July 16th.



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