Saturn-Mercury-Neptune Grand Trine


In astrology, a Grand Trine is said to occur when 3 planets come into 120 degrees of each other. That is, planet A is 120 degrees from planet B which is 120 degrees from planet C which is 120 degrees from planet A.

Such a Grand Trine can be seen coming at us June 3-4th with Saturn, Mercury and Neptune.

I have done some back-checking into this arrangement and I note that over the past 15 years there has been only 1 such occurrence, in early October 2012. That occurrence marked a short term peak in the markets that saw the Dow drop 1000 points over several sessions.

So, here we go again. With not a lot of past data to rely on, all I can say is to be alert for a possible peak in the markets with this Grand Trine that may see some of the hot air being let out of the balloon so to speak.


One comment on “Saturn-Mercury-Neptune Grand Trine

  1. Ahmed says:

    Found your website today (5/31/13). Your analyses make very convincing reading.
    One of DOW’s other past highs (to be followed by a 1200+ drop) was on April 29, 2011.
    Was there a similar Grand Trine around that time too? or was that drop indicated by a different aspect combination?

    thanks and Regards

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