Pressure Points and Human Emotion

In the forthcoming Lost Science, I devote a chapter to Gann and McWhirter, both of whom were very aware of certain pressure points and how these points could impact market price action. In particular, the natal chart of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) from 1792 has the Ascendant at 14 degrees Cancer. In my researches I have noted that when planets such as Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars pass over this point, markets can react. How, why and wherefore remain the burning questions. All I can conclude is that by some yet to be recognized quirk of quantum physics, our emotions can be triggered at certain time of planetary passage.

In any event, we are seeing a selloff on the markets now and in my recent post I have posited that there is some support forthcoming at a confluence of planetary transit lines.

What is further interesting is that next week, we will have Mercury, Moon and Venus all cross the NYSE natal Ascendant at 14 of Cancer. Watch for a market reaction – it could be up, it could be down, it could be big, it could be modest. One can never know for sure, except to say that there should be a correlative reaction caused by a short term shift in human emotion.  


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