Transit Lines and the DOW – update

Dow Updated Transit Lines June

In mid-May I posted a piece ( scroll down to find it…) in which I showed how Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune transit lines were providing support and resistance to the Dow. These lines were done using the Gann Wheel of 24 ( a.k.a. The Universal Clock). In this post, I zoom in and re-create these lines over the past couple months. Observe that the 15500 high on the Dow occurred right at a Mars line. A subsequent attempt to meet that high turned back when a Mars-Jupiter pair of lines loomed overhead. Looking ahead into the next short while, I see a confluence where Mars-Saturn-Neptune lines all cross ( see yellow circle on chart). This is at near the 14850 level. As I write this piece, I see the DOW is within 130 points of this level – so we could be near the end of this short sell-off. For those seriously interested in transit lines, I devote a Chapter in my upcoming book to this technique.


One comment on “Transit Lines and the DOW – update

  1. amdenver says:

    Hello Mr Bucholtz,

    In your previous article about the Grand Trine you had indicated an earlier occurrence in the fall of 2012. Looking back I see that at that time with a high on Oct 5th 2012 the market fell after that for about 40 days and bottomed on Nov 16. So I’m a bit confused. Admittedly, the two events are not 100% the same, with other different influences but still your call now that Dow will reverse upwards after 14850, only 8 days after the GT, shall we say time will tell…

    By all good accounts, especially those of the imminent bond market collapse, and with the evaporating benefits of the QEs and the rising interest rates, the DOW, and the rest of world markets, esp Japan, are now at the precipice of an, at least, 10% correction. That will take the Dow to below 14000, probably much lower if a panic, similar to post Sept 19 2008, occurs in sentiment. And after such major event stocks will take a while, perhaps months to recover.

    Best Regards


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