Gold Traders – Mark on Your Calendar – 31 August 2014

Here is an interesting take on the Gold market.

In the natal chart for Gold futures ( first trade date Dec 31, 1974), I see that the 10th House contains part of the sign of Scorpio. If you read work by Louise McWhirter, the 10th House is a key position to study in any chart – even your own personal one. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and also of the sign of Aries.

We know also that W.D. Gann’s work shows a clear connection between lunar and planetary aspects ( which I discuss in the final chapter of the Lost Science).

So then it stands to reason that when studying Gold charts, we ought to be alert to those time when Mars and Moon aspect each other in Aries or Scorpio.

Using my Solar Fire Gold program, I can quickly search out these events. I see that we had Moon 0 degrees Mars in the sign of Aries in the time around April 10, 2013. What happened then? Take a look at the Gold chart and remind yourself of the massive sell-off in Gold that occurred. Is this the only such event? No indeed not. Take a look back at the time frame around September 19-20th, 2012. What do you see? Gold approaching a high that we have not seen since ! Looking back more, take a peek at May 1, 2011 and you will see that Gold’s rise was briefly interrupted by a sharp selloff as Moon and Mars crossed paths in Aries.

So, we seem to have the makings of a correlation with a small amount of data. If Moon-Mars-Aries is a causal phenomenon, I for sure do not have the answer as it lies buried deep in quantum theory somewhere.

And remember to watch August 31, 2014 for another Moon-Mars event in the sign of Scorpio. Perhaps this will be a critical date when Gold finally explodes to the upside leaving all the bears and naysayers shocked.




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