Lumber – Watch the Coming Heliocentric Mars-Jupiter Aspect


From the viewpoint of an observer positioned on the Sun, planets Mars and Jupiter can be seen to orbit the Sun. Mars takes some 88 days and Jupiter 11.85 years to orbit the Sun. Mars therefore will zoom past Jupiter about 4 times per year as seen by the observer stationed on the Sun.

There is a peculiar correlation between heliocentric Mars 180 degrees to Jupiter aspects and the price action of Lumber futures. It seems that over 80% of the time, when Mars makes a 180 degree aspect to Jupiter, Lumber will register a swing in price trend. Sometimes these swings are minor affairs, but sometimes they are the start of larger trend moves. How or why this occurs is likely rooted deep in some yet to be explained quantum physics solution. So, I continue to treat it for what it is – a correlation.

Lumber prices have been falling lately after starting 2013 off with a rip-roaring move higher. The good news is, early in July – as in 2 weeks from now – heliocentric Mars and Jupiter will again make a 180 degree aspect. If this correlation holds up, we should see a trend reversal on Lumber futures.

I am watching Lumber right now and waiting for some technical chart evidence of a change in trend. Remember also that one has to allow for some “orb” on these aspects. That is, the exact date of the 180 degree aspect is July 3rd. But, we could see the Lumber trend change perhaps 8 days prior or even 8 days later.


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