Musical Harmony and the Markets


Back in February at the British Library when I was completing research for my latest book, The Lost Science, I came upon a book by Australian trader and author Constance Brown. In her writing she attempted to draw a connection between musical harmony and support/resistance levels on the S&P500. I must admit, I scratched my head for hours trying to figure out what she was getting at. Recently, in Toronto, I stopped at one of my favorite book stores and ended up buying Quadruvium, published by Walker & Company of New York. This compendium of esoteric math had a chapter on musical harmony. Finally, I understand what Constance Brown was getting at with her talk of music and the markets.

The embedded image in this post is of the September Dow Jones futures. Using a starting point as being the lows in November 2012, I have laid out for you the various levels that mathematically correspond to various notes of the musical scale. Observe how the distances from the November 2012 lows to various support and resistance levels correspond to musical harmony. Observe also that the distance from the November lows to the recent highs in May align to a perfect 2nd which is note D on the musical scale.

When it comes to music, I am about as incompetent as they come. About the only musical instrument I can play is my CD player.

I have plenty of research to do yet to fully grasp musical harmony. But, I thought I would share this chart with you today to illustrate that there are many factors including planetary aspects that influence the markets. The fact that vibrational frequencies ( what we call “music”) align to market price behaviour is deeply un-nerving. We are clearly connected to the cosmos is ways we do not yet totally comprehend.



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