July 2013 Lunation Forecast of the Dow

In 1938 the mysterious Louise McWhirter published her McWhirter Theory of Stock Market Forecasting. Think about this for a second. 1938….a woman publishing her own book… about using astrology to trade the markets. Really? Astrology was not exactly legal in 1938. Laws on the books in many eastern States at the time were a spillover from the days of the Salem Witch trials. It was expressly forbidden to profit from using astrology. I have not been able to find any other books by this author, nor have I found any references to her in the older literature I have studied. Thus, I have reason to believe the McWhirter name was a pen-name for someone else seeking anonymity. I suspect that person may have been W.D. Gann. In any event, the technique espoused in the McWhirter book involves studying the lunation event ( New Moon) for a given month. Planetary alignments evident at the lunation provide clues for the 28 days to come ( the lunar month).

The lunation for July 2013 occurred at July 8. The lunation occurred at 16 degrees Cancer, which curiously enough is the Asc position in the natal birth chart of the New York Stock Exchange. Neptune appears in the 10th House of the July 8 chart. Mercury is 0 degrees conjunct the lunation. The Node is 120 degrees trine to the lunation. The lunation is also 90 degrees to Uranus. Venus is 120 degrees trine Uranus and 90 degrees to the Node. All in all, some very interesting placements.

At the lunation on July 8, the first thing to note is how the Dow broke out of a continuation pattern. Ask yourself – why did this breakout occur at this time? If you find yourself fascinated with this question, be careful – you may find yourself getting drawn deeper into Financial Astrology. This is how it happened to me and now I am penning my third book on the subject.

On July 11, the Moon transited across the position of Venus and markets had a good day with a small gap up. On July 18, the Dow enjoyed another small gap up as Moon transited Saturn and the Node and made a 120 aspect to Mercury. As I pen this blog, I see that Monday the 22nd is a Full Moon so be alert for another move on the Dow – maybe up, maybe down. Your technical chart analysis on an hourly chart will tell you how human emotion is responding to the Full Moon. The Moon will also be 180 degrees opposite Mercury on the 21st-22nd as well. And don’t forget that Mercury turns direct again after having been retrograde since June 26th. The week of July 22 should prove interesting. Looking further ahead, Moon will be 0 degrees conjunct Neptune on July 25th, Moon will be at the NYSE natal MC position on the 26th, at 90 degrees to Mars on the 27th, at 0 degrees to Uranus on the 28th and at 90 degrees to Mercury on the 28th too.

I mentioned that I am penning my third book right now. In fact it is written and I am just cleaning up some final edits. What I have penned is the 2014 Financial Astrology Almanac. This Almanac offers the reader a month by month breakdown of key dates (such as those listed in this blog) for each month in 2014. These key dates are when human emotion is most apt to experience change as a result of planetary alignments in the cosmos. As emotion changes, the way we view the markets changes and that is what makes for short term trend changes. People like W.D. Gann in the 1920s and 1930s were able to discern this connection between emotion and the markets. They used this understanding in combination with astrology to give themselves an edge in their trading and investing. With my 2014 Almanac in hand, you will have a clear roadmap of key dates sitting at your desk as you navigate the markets. The Almanac will also offer you some interesting trivia on how astrology affects various commodities such as 30 Year Bond futures and Currency futures. My goal is to have the Almanac ready to purchase in early September. As the release date draws nearer, I will provide more information to you.






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