The Astrology E-Alert – now available….

I have now introduced a new service that focuses on financial astrology. No longer will you have to wait for me to post my thoughts on this blog-site.

Subscribers to this new service will receive a weekly PDF report ( 4 reports per month) outlining astrological and lunar aspects that are set to occur over the following 7 days. The aspects covered in the weekly reports are those that I have discussed at length in my two books.

As the old adage says – fore-warned is fore-armed. With advance warning of these aspects that can influence human emotion, one can use technical chart analysis to zero in on and trade the market reaction as the aspect dates approach.

Each Astrology E-Alert will typically cover the Yen, Euro, Pound, Canadian Dollar and Aussie Dollar. Wheat, Corn, Oats and Soybeans will be looked at from the agriculture sector. Metals will include Copper, Gold and Silver. Lastly, aspects that can affect the Dow and S&P500 will be covered.

The cost of this new service is $10 per month, billed monthly. To subscribe, please visit my website at



2 comments on “The Astrology E-Alert – now available….

  1. Rod says:

    I subscribed to Astrology E-Alert and have not received any alerts.

    • astrofeb64 says:


      I kindly suggest that you check your email inbox.

      You recently subscribed to the E-Alert and my records show that an E-Alert was sent to you just a couple days ago.


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