Dow Jones and Sensitive Trigger Points

In my August 2nd Astrology E-Alert, I noted the following to my subscribers:

  • Mars will transit through 14 degrees Cancer which is the Ascendant position on the 1792 first trade chart of the New York Stock Exchange. Look for volatile moments on the Dow Jones and S&P500 indices in and around August 4-5.
  • A New Moon will occur on August 6 which may add to any volatility.


And what happened ?

The embedded hourly chart shows you. The Dow fell from the 15,600 level as traders seemingly got nervous. Why the nerves? I can’t explain it, other than to say the transiting Moon crossed over a sensitive point in the NYSE natal chart and then the New Moon arrived. I have seen this type of reaction time and time again on the NYSE. Knowing of these trigger points in advance can leave one sitting at the ready to put on a short term trade.

To subscribe to the Astrology E-Alert for $10/month so you can be apprised of key dates to watch for, please see my site at




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