Gold and the Mars-Moon Effect

The following is taken from my August 2, Astrology E-Alert:

Gold futures began trading in New York on December 31, 1974. The first trade chart shows the 10th House to be situated across Libra and Scorpio. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. Each lunar month as the transiting Moon makes a 0 degree aspect to Mars, pay close attention to price action on Gold futures. The most recent Moon-Mars conjunction was at July 6. Price action broke support, but then quickly regained momentum.

There is a Moon-Mars 0 degree aspect due on August 4. Watch short term price charts for a possible tradable reaction. With Moon aspects, be sure to watch price action one day on either side of the exact aspect date for buying and selling opportunities.

And what happened?

Take a look at the embedded chart in this blog. The Moon-Mars event stopped a rally in Gold dead in its tracks. Price fell $40/ounce leaving Gold fans stunned. Thankfully, we seem to be recovering today ( I see Gold up nicely as I craft these blogs…).

Be careful with Moon-Mars emotional responses on Gold. As for why and how, I cannot explain. All I can do is be extra vigilant at these events in case of a sudden move in Gold prices.



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