Heliocentric Mercury-Saturn and the British Pound.

The following is taken from the August 2 edition of my Astrology E-Alert.

Heliocentric hard aspects (0,90,180 degrees) between Mercury and Saturn have a very good correlation to short term trend changes on the Yen, British Pound and Canadian Dollar. To illustrate, the embedded chart shows daily price action on British Pound futures ( Sept ’13 contract month) from November 2012 to present. On the chart, the grey shaded areas denote those times when hard aspects occurred. In some cases, the change of trend following one of these hard aspects was modest while in other cases the change of trend was more significant.

There will be a 180 degree hard aspect between heliocentric Mercury and Saturn on August 5.



For those of you that participate in the Forex markets or Currency Futures markets, check your chart of the British Pound. You will immediately notice that there was a wild reaction in response to this astrological event. Mercury-Saturn evidently triggered our emotions and when B of E Governor Mark Carney announced that he would be keeping interest rates low (which was really no shocker to anyone…) the emotional response was significant. On any other day, this bit of “non-news” would have caused the currency market to yawn and take it all in stride. But in this case, a Mercury-Saturn aspect created a different outcome.

How exactly these astrological events trigger our emotions is not known by biologists, scientists and psychologists.

As for me, I tend not to fixate on the science either. I simply make my E-Alert subscribers aware of pending astrological events each week. I encourage them to be at the ready and to watch for reactions using their various chart indicators.

For more information on how you can receive the E-Alert for $10/month, please visit www.investingsuccess.ca



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