Soybeans and Venus changing signs

The following is taken from my August 2nd astrology E-Alert:

Dates when heliocentric Venus changes signs tend to correlate quite well to price trend changes on Soybean futures. To illustrate, the following daily chart of Soybeans (August ’13 contract) shows those times when heliocentric Venus has changed signs since February 2013.

Heliocentric Venus is due to move into the sign of Scorpio on August 1. Watch your short term charts for a possible tradable reaction to this aspect. With sign changes, be sure to watch price action a couple days on either side of the exact sign change date for buying and selling opportunities. As well, bear in mind that right now the prevailing trend on Soybeans is negative as the market tries to factor in good crop conditions and a possible good harvest.

And, in fact we did see Venus exert its influence. A brief attempt at a rally in Soybeans was cut off at the kneecaps on August 1 with the Venus event and Soybeans resumed their downward trajectory…

Again, the science behind how these astrological events trigger our emotions remains a mystery to psychologists.

In my E-Alerts, I simply provide my subscribers with the key dates to watch. In the case of Soybeans, I advised using a short term chart to watch for the impact of the Venus event.

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