Astrology and 30 Year Bond Futures

Contracts of 30 year bond futures started trading in Chicago on August 22, 1977. The embedded chart herein shows the positioning of the planets at that day. You can see that Mars and Mercury were at a 90 degree hard aspect to each other. So, do hard aspects of geocentric Mercury and Mars correlate to price swings on 30 year bonds?


Indeed so.

The following chart illustrates price action for the September ’13 bond futures contract for the past 9 months. The arrows on the chart illustrate those dates when hard aspects occurred. I think you will agree that there is a correlation.


There is one other astrological event that occurs more frequently that also aligns to bond futures swings. In my August 17-23rd Astrology E-Alert I apprised subscribers of this pending event. To learn of pending astrological occurrences before they occur, give some thought to the Astrology E-Alert. For details, please visit


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