Financial Astrology Almanac – Coming Soon

Just got back from the printer where I delivered the manuscript for my next publication – The Financial astrology Almanac-2014. Should be ready for distribution by late September…

The following are a few small excerpts from the manuscript…….

Many market analysts and financial media commentators think daily news, quarterly earnings reports and corporate events drive stock prices.

I disagree.  

The financial markets are a reflection of the mass psychological emotion of traders, investors and fund managers.  Perhaps the term reflection is too mild of a descriptor. It may be more accurate to state that human emotion drives buying and selling decisions in the financial markets. When market participants are feeling positive, they are driven to buy. When they are feeling uncertain or negative, they are driven to sell.

Probing this idea deeper immediately yields the question – what drives human emotion?

The answer is-configurations of planets and other celestial bodies in our cosmos drive human emotion.


This Almanac begins by offering you a basic look at the science of Astrology
followed by an examination of the twelve months that make up calendar year
2014. Each monthly examination presents a summation of key dates when human
emotion stands a high probability of being significantly influenced. These key
dates offer a high correlative probability to a short term change in market
trend on the Dow Jones Average and S&P 500 Index.


This Almanac also presents a unique perspective on selected commodity futures contracts. Each of the commodity futures contracts examined herein exhibit price trend changes that repeatedly correlate to unique astrological events. As well, this Almanac offers insight into esoteric math techniques that can be used to interpret price chart support and resistance levels in unique ways.



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