Moon Tranits & the NYSE ( week of August 19-23) {corrected chart}

In last week’s Astrology E-Alert, I pointed out to subscribers to expect some volatility on the Dow and S&P500 during the week of Aug 19-23. I noted that:

  • August 21st is a New Moon. Moon is also 180 degrees opposite Mercury at this time. Moon passes over the zodiac position of Neptune at this time also (Neptune is a key planet for the NYSE). Moon is also 120 degrees Saturn (Saturn is in the 10th House of the NYSE birth chart).
  • August 22nd will see the Moon transit across 24 Aries which is the Mid-Heaven position in the New York Stock Exchange birth chart of 1792. Quite often lunar transits across the Mid-Heaven position can trigger emotional responses and volatility.

The embedded chart (30 minute) of Dow futures shows what happened. As you can see, the New Moon and the transit of the Moon across the MC position gave the suggested volatility. As for a scientific explanation of this – I have none. I just know that such lunar events correlate very well to market swings. WD Gann respected the Moon as well. Lunar transits of key planets was but one of the techniques used by WD Gann in the 1920s. And so it is today. Knowing in advance that such a lunar event is approaching leaves me in the ready position to put on a short term trade when the technical chart indicators advise so…/p>



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