North Node and the Business Cycle

Right now, the North Node of Moon is transiting through Scorpio. In The Lost Science, I offer up the thoughts of Louise McWhirter from her 1938 book in which she uses the 18.6 year time for the Node to travel all the way around the zodiac.

Earlier this week, I got drawn into a thread on a social media group and had a realtor from California strongly disagree with me that real estate moves in cycles which are related to the 19 year business cycle.

I ended up giving him the verbiage from The Lost Science, as follows:

In 1938, author and trader Louise McWhirter published her Theory of Stock Market Forecasting. She posits that the general economy will move in a 19 year business cycle in harmony with the 18.6 year synodic period of the North Node. As the North Node moves into the sign of Taurus, the general economy will slow down. This below normal economic behavior will last for about 3 years until the Node passes out of the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is considered to be the bottom of the 19 year cycle. As the Node moves through Capricorn and Sagittarius, the economy will pick up momentum again. Through Scorpio and Libra, the general economy will approach a very high level of activity with a peak in activity coming as the Node leaves the sign of Leo. As the Node then moves through the signs of Cancer and Gemini, economic activity is positive but beginning to slow to more normal levels. Of course, the caveat to this cycle behavior is external political and socioeconomic events that may arise unexpectedly.

Real estate analysts and economists who follow the rigors of astrology, have noted that this business cycle behavior can be seen in the real estate market, not just in the USA but globally. In 2006, global real estate markets peaked in terms of re-sale price and overall demand. In June 2006, the Node moved into the sign of Pisces. In December 2007, the Node moved into the sign of Aquarius. In reflection, late 2007 was indeed the darkest hour for the global real estate industry and for the global economy in general. The Node entered Scorpio in late August 2012. While the economy is by no means on solid footing yet and the real estate market is not what it once was, it is easy to see that a marked improvement has been made as measured by job creation data and housing data. Barring any major upsets with Euro-zone cohesiveness or stability in other parts of the globe, the general economy should continue to improve until the Node transits out of Leo in late 2018.

So…..I will concede that the economy is still fragile – but I do think there has been an improvement. We may not be experiencing the frenetic activity of the early 2000s, but I think we are at least moving forward.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.


2 comments on “North Node and the Business Cycle

  1. Sandra says:

    Dear Malcolm,
    I am not able tog get my order to go through for your book “The Lost Science” Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

    • astrofeb64 says:

      When you go to the website for the publisher,, if you are having trouble finding THE LOST SCIENCE, you will note that in the upper right portion of the page there is a box that says Author, Title, Keyword, ISBN. In that box, type LOST SCIENCE and the website will locate the book for you. Proceed to place your order and iUniverse will ship the book to your US residence via US Postal.

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