Post #100 – Euro FX , Gann Lines and Saturn Lines

The embedded chart in this ( 100th post !!) shows the December 2013 Euro futures contract. From the significant high of 1.3678 on Feb 1, 2013 I have constructed the Gann lines using the technique discussed in The Lost Science. I have further constructed Gann lines from several significant swing points on the chart to really confuse your eyeballs. Then to top it off, I have overlaid some Saturn transit lines on the chart.

At this time, the Euro futures have support at a Saturn line at about 1.3250. Trend is following a 1×3 Gann line that extends from the May low. Failure to get above this 1×3 line, will see the Euro pull back to test the Saturn support line. If this happens, the 1×2 Gann line extending from the July lows will come into play.



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