Moon-Mars Conjunction and the Dow Jones

In a recent edition of my Astrology E-Alert, I suggested to subscribers that they pay attention to the timeframe around Sept 1-2, 2013. This was the Labor Day holiday, but the electronic markets were operational. I expressed concern about this timeframe because Moon was set to transit past Mars. Mars is a key planet for the New York Stock Exchange as a result of the 10th natal house configuration.

The embedded image herein presents a 60 minute chart showing price action of the Dow e-mini futures (Sept’13 contract). Notice the volatility. On the Sept 1 overnight session, the futures gapped up. Monday being the holiday, prices held constant. But, on Tuesday, futures were slammed down again. This is a brilliant example of human emotion being affected by astrology. Also on this image, I have a blue circled area. This is the New Moon event of Sept 5. Again, notice the wild volatility as emotions were triggered. To the passive investor this all is insignificant. But, to a short term trader, emotional triggers can be profitable times indeed.



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