Silver-Esoteric Math and Astrology

The following is a text version of a recent video I posted to You Tube at :

Square root math can give a new perspective to Silver prices by starting at the May 2011 price peak that saw Silver futures hit nearly $50/oz. Iterations of square root math calculations produce many possible support levels including $18.13. Notice how in late June 2013 Silver hit a low of $18.21 which confirms the validity of the square root calculations. From $18.21 a Gann 2×1 line can be projected forwards in time. Observe how this line acted as support for some weakness in Silver prices in August 2013. Late August saw an intra-day high on the Dec ’13 futures of $25.16 which aligns perfectly to what square root math had predicted. I rather suspect that we will see Silver prices in September come down to test the Gann 2×1 line. Square root math suggests to watch for possible support levels of $21.30, $20.39 or even $19.50. To overlay some astrology onto this silver story, a starting point is to look at the natal chart (first trade chart) of Silver futures from 1933. By adjusting the chart so that Sun is on the cusp of the first House ( this is how W.D. Gann and Louise McWhirter would have done it) we can see that Moon and Saturn make hard aspects to Sun. In fact, the pattern created by Sun-Moon-Saturn is called a YOD by traditional astrologers. Moon at 14 degrees Sagittarius, Saturn at 15 Aquarius and Sun at 12 Cancer then become key points to be alert to. Gann and McWhirter would have watched for faster moving planets Mercury, Venus and Mars to transit past these key points. Transit dates would have been watched for possible price inflection points. The chart embedded herein that shows astrological events makes it clear that indeed transits past these key points do in fact align to inflection points on Silver price. Lastly, although it may not be immediately obvious from the natal chart, Silver futures started trading 2 days before a Full Moon. Notice on the price chart that contains the square root math how Full Moon and New Moon events tend to align to swing points in Silver price. This Silver case study is a good example of how esoteric math, lunar events and planetary transits past key natal points all work hand-in-hand to give you deeper insight into price swings. Such is the power of the cosmos.





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