Blackberry (TSX:BB, Nasdaq:BBRY)

The following is an excerpt from my most recent edition of the Astrology E-Alert:

Blackberry continues to make news – but not in a good way. It looks like the once revered smartphone maker may be headed for a takeover by Canadian company Fairfax Financial. Let’s have a look at how the McWhirter method can be used to gain some additional insight into Blackberry. The following horoscope chart depicts planetary positions at the time the company was born in 1997.


In this chart we can see that Sun is in the sign of Libra. The “ruler” of Libra is Venus. We can also see that Sun makes a hard 90 degree aspect to Uranus. A traditional astrologer might say that the hard aspect between Sun and Uranus foretells of ‘change’. And without doubt, poor old Blackberry is going through major change and in fact has been for the past couple years. Sun is conjunct Mercury. We can further see that Sun is 45 degrees to Mars, 45 degrees to Venus and 45 degrees to the North Node. Normally 45 degree aspects can be indicative of possible trouble.

Thus Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Node and Mars are “key” features to watch.

The remainder of this analysis is best viewed on my You Tube channel


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