The October New Moon….Analysed

The McWhirter method can be used to further study the October 2013 New Moon which occurred last week.

The embedded chart herein shows the horoscope chart at the New Moon event. Note that I have shifted the Houses so that the cusp of the 1st is at 14 Cancer ( the same as the Asc position in the NYSE natal chart of 1792).

We can see Uranus in the 10th House. The New Moon is 180 degrees opposite Uranus and 90 degrees to Pluto to form a T-Square. Mars-Uranus-Pluto form a Thor’s Hammer. Lastly, we see that New Moon is 45 degrees to Venus.

Thus we can say that by the McWhirter methodology – Uranus, Mars, Pluto, Venus are “key” planets to watch during the lunar month.


What traders and investors must watch for is those times when Moon transits past these “key” planets. Also important to watch in any lunar month is for those times when faster moving bodies like Mercury and Venus happen to transit past “key” planets.

Lastly, one must be alert in any lunar month to those times when Moon or a faster moving planet transits past 24 Pisces ( the Mid-Heaven position of the NYSE natal chart from 1792) or 14 Cancer ( the Asc position of the NYSE).

This is exactly the type of material that I have included in my Financial Astrology Almanac-2014. With the Almanac at your side, you will have at a glance a quick synopsis of “key” planets to watch each month during 2014. I have printed only a limited number of these Almanacs. To order your copy, please see

If you are interested in a more verbal presentation of the October New Moon analysis, please be sure to visit my YouTube channel



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