Zimtu Capital ( TSXv: ZC) – Astrological Analysis

Zimtu Capital is a Vancouver based entity that holds investments in a range of small, junior mineral exploration interests. Normally I do not try to apply Astrology to smaller entities that trade small volumes. But, when I looked at Zimtu today, I could not help but notice that there is a fairly decent correlation between Astrology and some inflection points on its price chart.

Looking at a historical price chart I see that Zimtu started trading in Canada on the Venture Exchange on December 2, 2008. The following horoscope chart presents the planetary positions at this time.


In this chart we can see that Sun is conjunct Mars and Mercury and is widely within orb of being square Uranus. Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. Thus we say that Mars, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter are key planets to watch if you are attempting shorter term trades on Zimtu Capital.

The following is a weekly chart extending back to 2009. I have overlaid some astrological observations on this chart. I think we can agree that these observations align reasonably well to price trend changes. The one caveat however is trading volume. Low volumes mean that the general public is not interested in the stock which means that the astrology will not correlate well. In past, Zimtu has been trading at a decent enough price level to attract some good volumes.


Looking forward, I see that in early April 2014 Sun will conjunct Uranus, oppose Mars and square Jupiter. This could be a key inflection point for Zimtu provided trading volumes are at a decent level.


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