Astrology and Lumber Futures-A Broker’s Guide

The McWhirter astrology technique as outlined in her 1938 book calls for an examination of locations of Sun and Moon in the first trade chart. The ruler of the Sun’s sign is also to be noted as is the location of Jupiter.

In the case of Lumber (which can be a difficult contract to trade – at least in my past experience), it started trading on 1 October, 1969. In its first trade chart, Sun is at 8 Libra, Moon at 16 Gemini, and the “ruler” of Libra is Venus which is at 10 Virgo.

Fast forward to the present and we can see how the McWhirter technique can aid a Commodity Broker and his/her client to navigate the Lumber market. I have overlaid some astrological aspects on the following chart. I have further overlaid some heliocentric aspects of Mercury and Jupiter. Notice how the various aspects I have overlaid align reasonably well to pivot swings in price.

There are many ways to navigate the choppy commodity markets. Some brokers focus entirely on fundamentals while others focus on the chart technicals. There is even a school of thought out there that says Lumber has a seasonal tendency to rise from October onwards. Astrology provides yet another tool to use in combination with technicals and fundamentals or even seasonality. Knowing that an astrological aspect date is approaching, you can watch technicals for a change of trend and thereby protect your client. You can also watch for price to react differently to fundamental news as human emotion changes. In the case of seasonality, we can see a low in early October that aligns to astrology. Maybe this was the start of the 2013 seasonality trade.



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