Gold – A word to the admirers of the yellow metal…..

In September 2011, Gold hit a high that made fans of the yellow metal jump for joy. After this high, Pluto went from being retrograde to being direct, which normally brings with it a short term trend change. But, in this case, what was to be a short term trend change turned into something far worse. So, what happened?

Some basic astrology can help to answer this question. In the first trade chart for Gold futures ( Dec 31, 1974), we see that Sun is at 9 Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). In the McWhirter approach to financial astrology, aspects to Sun and to natal Sun are to be watched for carefully.

Shortly after Gold made its high in 2011, Pluto came into orb of being 0 degrees conjunct to the natal Sun position at 9 Capricorn. What’s worse, is that Uranus also came into orb of being 90 degrees hard aspect to the natal Sun position. Pluto and Uranus are slow moving planets. So, here we sit watching Gold struggle and watching Gold mining stocks gasp for breath. Next week we have Saturn making a 0 degree aspect to Sun and Gold is struggling today (again…) as I pen this blog.

So, when will the pain end?

Next year at this time, we will have Mars moving past the natal Sun position at 9 Capricorn. This hopefully will shake things up and get the party moving again. By next year at this time, Pluto and Uranus will be starting to ease away from their aspects to the natal Sun position. So, we have some tough sledding ahead of us yet. But, don’t give up hope. The yellow metal will again have its day. Just make sure you are not so emotionally beaten down that you fail to capitalize on it when the astrological time comes in late 2014, early 2015….


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