Wheat Futures – The Classic McWhirter Approach for Commodity Brokers New to Astrology

The McWhirter astrology technique as outlined in her 1938 book calls for an examination of locations of Sun and Moon in the first trade chart. The ruler of the Sun’s sign is also to be noted as is the location of Jupiter.

In the case of Chicago Wheat which started trading on 2 January, 1877 we see that Sun is at 12 Capricorn and Moon is at 22 Leo. The “ruler” of Capricorn is Saturn.

Fast forward to the present and we can see how the McWhirter technique could have helped a Commodity Broker and his/her client to navigate the volatile Wheat market. A study of astrological aspects for the past several months shows that Sun made a 0 degree aspect to Neptune in the third week of February, a 0 degree aspect to Uranus in late March, and a 0 degree aspect to Jupiter in third week of June. Sun is now approaching Saturn for a 0 degree aspect. In mid-July, Venus transited past the natal Moon position at 22 Leo. In mid August, Sun moved past this 22 Leo position. In late September, Mars moved past this Leo position.

Just recently, Venus moved past the natal Jupiter location just as Sun started to begin its journey towards next week’s aspect to Saturn.

On the following chart, I have attempted to illustrate these events. Note the price moves that ensued as these events unfolded.

There are many ways to navigate the choppy commodity markets. Some brokers focus entirely on fundamentals while others focus on the chart technicals. In my days as a Commodity Advisor, I watched the technicals. Astrology provides yet another tool to use in combination with technicals and fundamentals. Knowing that an astrological aspect date is approaching, you can watch technicals for a change of trend and thereby protect your client. You can also watch for price to react differently to fundamental news as human emotion changes.



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