Gold – The Mars Observation

In my recent post, I explained how Uranus and Pluto were acting in concert to keep a psychological lid on Gold prices. I will add to these observations the transit of Mars. By late December, Mars will be at 7 Libra which places it 90 degrees square to the natal Sun position in Gold’s first trade chart. By March 2014 it will have moved well  past this natal Sun position. But!!! – then it turns Retrograde and starts to retrace its steps in the zodiac. By mid-May 2014 it will be done backing up ( at 9 Libra) and will go Direct again. By mid-June, 2014 it will have moved on out of orb with the natal Sun position.

So, in practical terms if you are sitting on some Gold mining shares, if you are an Advisor seeking to offer advice to a client or if you are poised to jump into the Gold market be aware that aggressive planet Mars will be making these aspects. The Gold price may well experience some significant volatility between now and year end. There may be another round of difficulty in the May through June period. I remain confident, though, that a year from now (late 2014) we will be looking at Gold in a more positive light once the Pluto-Uranus square issue starts to dissolve.



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