Soybeans and Astrology – A Commodity Brokers Introduction….

There are many ways of analysing and navigating one’s way through the Soybean futures market. In addition to chart technicals and fundamental data, it is also worthwhile to apply some basic astrology.

Soybean futures started trading on a recognized exchange on Oct 5, 1936. The zodiac wheel embedded in this post illustrates the planetary placements at this “first trade” date. Sun was in Libra. The “ruler” of Libra is Venus according to classical astrologers. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio in the 1936 zodiac wheel. These are the “natal” positions, in astrological parlance. The McWhirter method for applying astrology to the markets dictates that one should be very careful to note the passage of other planets past these natal positions. I explain who McWhirter was in my 2014 Astrology Almanac.

There is also a school of thought that says one should be alert to those times when heliocentric Venus changes signs of the zodiac. (I explain the concept of heliocentric astrology in my various books).

The price chart embedded in this post illustrates daily price action on a daily-nearest basis going back 1 year in time. I have marked in yellow bars the Venus sign change events. I have also noted on the chart the fact that the July price peak aligns to Sun passing by the “natal” Sun position. The period of price weakness that followed aligns to a transit of Mars past the “natal” Sun position. I trust you will agree that it is more than just a little curious how astrological events align to price swings. What I tend to do in my trading is to make a note of coming astrological events. As the time draws nearer for an astrological event to occur, I begin watching my chart technicals for evidence of a price swing.

Looking forward in time, we may experience a tug-of-war in price towards the end of December as Sun and Jupiter both make 90 degree aspects to natal Sun and Mars makes a 0 degree aspect to natal Sun. The next Venus sign change event is November 23. Watch your charts carefully to see how these astrological events align to price swings….




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