Potash Corp (TSX:POT, Nasdaq:POT) Better Times Ahead?

Has the bloodletting ended for Potash Corp ? Let’s take a look at some astrology to help answer this question.

Potash Corp has a first trade date of November 2, 1989. In the first trade chart, Sun is in Scorpio and is within orb of being conjunct to Mercury and Pluto. Sun is also 120 degrees trine to Jupiter. The ruler of the Sun’s sign -Scorpio is Mars and some would also say Pluto.

Looking at my daily price chart I see that the share price reached an interim swing high in mid-to-late May at the $45 level. At that time. repressive Saturn was hovering around the natal Sun position and the North Node was coming into orb of being conjunct natal Sun too. A pair of nasty house guests to be sure. The trigger point seems to have been Mercury making a 0 degree aspect to “key” planet Jupiter. As a result, price started to trend down and on July 30 price took a major body slam with news that a potash pricing cartel had fallen into disarray in Belarus. POT share price fell swiftly to the $30 level. Why the harsh emotional reaction? As price was swooning, aggressive Mars was passing key planet Jupiter and Sun was at a 90 degree hard aspect to both natal Sun and transiting Saturn. Since this price slam, POT has been treading water in a sideways channel pattern on the daily chart.

Fast forward to here and now and we see that Saturn is separating away from the natal Sun position, transiting Sun has passed the natal Sun position, Mercury is about to begin separating away from the natal Sun position and even North Node is starting to ease away from the natal Sun location. All good news to be sure. I am watching the sideways channel and a move over $34.50 (Canadian prices) will signal a move up and out of the channel formation. The next 0 degree aspect to the natal Sun position will come from Mars – but that is many months from now, so it looks like the coast is clear so to speak. The only questions are – how do large institutional investors view POT in particular and the crop nutrient sector in general? This will determine where POT prices go from here.


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