Jupiter declination, human emotion and the Dow Jones

My recent research at the British Library has also indicated that planet Jupiter can play a significant role in altering human emotion and generating trend changes on the Dow Jones Average. The following image of Jupiter’s declination path takes into account the time frame from 1900 to 1921. The declination cycle for Jupiter is about 12 years. The time to carve out a maximum or a minimum can take many months due to the slow moving nature of such a large planet as Jupiter. Note also the shape of the declination path. As Jupiter progresses from a minimum to a maximum, its declination is not a smooth trending function line. Rather, it is a wave-like function and if one examines the individual waves, one will see a connection to minor price swings on the Dow. I have overlaid some commentary on the declination plot. Notice how significant turning points on the Dow align very well to declination minima, maxima and 0 degree events. How this all affects human emotion, of course remains a mystery. I have reason to suspect that W.D Gann may have been aware of declination when compiling his market prognostications. Gann had fore-warned that the Autumn of 1929 would be a critical time. In fact, Jupiter was coming into 22 degrees of declination at this time and its maximum declination that it reached subsequently was only 23 degrees. In the meantime, what I recommend is to watch Jupiter’s declination path and allow a few months at maxima and minima for the markets to react. Be sure also to use Jupiter’s declination along with the declination of Mars to more closely identify timeframes for trend changes. (note – as Jupiter was making a maximum declination in the Autumn of 1929, Mars was crossing its 0 degree declination line…). In future posts I will examine various other timeframes of Dow Jones performance against a backdrop of Jupiter declination. I will also examine the effect of Jupiter declination on the price behaviour of Gold, Oil and Agricultural commodities.




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