Mars Declination, Human Emotion and the Markets

During my recent visit to the British Library, I came across some valuable material that focused on the declination of planet Mars. In Astrological lore, Mars is associated with aggression and sudden change. When viewed against the backdrop of the Dow Jones Average, it turns out this reputation holds up quite robustly. The reason why changes in the declination of Mars would affect human emotion remains a mystery to me, so the only recommendation I can give is to be alert to those times when Mars is at a maximum, minimum or 0 degree declination point. Watch your charts carefully for evidence of short term trend changes. A typical declination cycle for Mars from maximum to a subsequent maximum will be in the order of 2 years. As Mars makes a maximum or minimum, allow +/- 1 month from the exact inflection point.

The following declination plot covers the timeframe 1900 to 1920. I have marked on this plot my comments on price behaviour the Dow Jones Average was exhibiting at maxima, minima and zero degree points. After examining this plot along with the historical plot of the Dow Jones also embedded in this blog, I think you will likely conclude (as I have) that Mars declination is a powerful tool that we should all be using to our advantage.

In future posts, I will examine different time frames of the Dow Jones and I will also examine Mars declination as a tool for helping navigate the price action of Oil, Gold and Agricultural commodities.





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