Declination of Jupiter and Mars

My recent research at the British Library has opened my eyes to the power of Jupiter and its declination path. Jupiter has a declination path that takes it from a declination low to a subsequent low in approximately 12 years. Along the way, the declination path exhibits minor vibrations. The following image illustrates Jupiter’s declination from 1904 to 1933. Notice how declination minima, maxima and zero levels generally align to Dow Jones Average peaks, bottoms and in one case an acceleration of trend. Looking at this plot and in particular the 1929 timeframe, I would hazard a guess that W.D. Gann in his day was well aware of declination and likely used it in his market prognostications. The one caveat with Jupiter is that its declination inflections do take time to evolve given the slow moving nature of the planet itself. Knowing that a Jupiter declination event is coming, one will then have to be alert for a couple months or so on either side of the exact event.  Along the way, one will also have to watch for declination events of the faster inner planets as well as other planetary aspect events in order to more closely identify the market turning point.


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