Harmonics – a Valuable Tool for following Crude Oil Futures…..

In my recent travels, I found a book at the British Library entitled Quantum Trading by Italian mathematician Fabio Oreste. Oreste claims to have spent many years travelling in the “east” where he became acquainted with various forms of esoteric  thought.

Oreste solves a problem that has been haunting me for some time. To date, I have been using the Universal Clock approach (developed using the Gann Wheel of 24 and then trademarked by author Jeanne Long) in determining planetary transit lines. With this approach, one must assign some increment of price to the Clock calculations. Taking price increments that are too wide can lead to inaccuracy in the transit lines. Oreste uses a unique harmonics approach that focuses on the 2n and 1/2n  harmonics where n=0,1,2,4,8,…..  By taking the longitudinal degree of a planet at time x, ( where time x is that of a significant high or low) one can calculate the various harmonics at work. Then at some future time, one can use the longitudinal degree of the planet to determine the harmonics at work. Joining the various points starting from time x will produce a harmonic (transit)  line. Oreste calculates the harmonics each week ( or each day for shorter studies), but to keep my sanity intact, I will use fewer data points in charts displayed in my writings. 

To illustrate, the following chart displays the continuous front month Crude Oil futures price action from mid-2009 to mid-2012. I have calculated various harmonics and sub-harmonics using the Oreste approach. Notice how these harmonics often align to key swing points on Crude Oil pricing.

Harmonics are a seriously powerful facet of financial astrology. Harmonics become extremely potent when one sees how Fibonacci retracement levels and Fibonacci extensions often align to harmonic lines. For example, as I will be showing my Astrology E-Alert subscribers in my next edition, Crude Oil pricing is currently closing in on a key Fibonacci level and several harmonic levels are also visible at the same time.  

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