Silver and the Moon…..


Silver futures started trading on a financial exchange in July of 1933. In the first trade chart we can see that Sun is in the sign of Cancer. Moon is the “ruler” of that sign. In the classic McWhirter approach to market forecasting, aspects to a “ruling” celestial body are key to watch for. In the case of Silver, we can see that times when transiting Sun makes a hard aspect to the natal Moon position at 15 degrees Sagittarius, Silver has the propensity to deliver a trend change.  Such was the case in September 2013 when Silver turned lower from the $25 level as Sun made a 90 degree square to natal Moon. In late November/early December as Sun passed by 0 degrees to natal Moon, Silver found support at the $19 level and started to turn higher…. We are now on the precipice of another Sun 90 degree aspect to natal Moon and Silver has had a decent little rally. Will it falter from here? Will it simply level off and trend sideways until the next Sun-Moon aspect? Watch carefully. To learn more about the McWhirter method watch for my soon to be released McWhirter Method Study Guide……


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