The Blood Red Moons …..

I had a call the other day from a close associate who very soberly proceeded to inform me that the end of humanity was approaching. The likely end dates, I was told, will be connected to one of four Blood Red Moon events that will occur in 2014-2015.

I politely listened to the argument being advanced and after we concluded our conversation, I nearly collapsed on my office floor in fits of laughter.

Once I regained my composure I decided to see what GOOGLE had to tell me about this Blood Red Moon thing.

What I saw was bizarre. There are no shortage of writers, bloggers, preachers and fear mongering salesmen out there who are racing to profit from these coming events.

In my opinion, this is a sad reflection on our society in general and our North American education system in particular. Stop a random group of people on the street and ask them to explain what a Blood Red Moon is. I dare say the number of suitable answers will be verging on zero. Dumb the question down a bit and ask them to explain the concept of an eclipse and I further dare say the number of correct answers will be near zero. This is why we fall victim to the fringe lunatics seeking to sell us books that prophesy the end of the world at a Blood Red Moon event.

I have now started to craft my Astrology E-Alert edition for March 7. I have decided to devote some effort to setting the record straight on this whole Blood Red Moon thing for my subscribers. In particular, what is the Blood Red Moon? When have these events occurred before? How has the market been affected at past events? Do we need to be concerned about the coming Blood Red Moon events in 2014?

I plan to conclude this week’s E-Alert with the rest of my study into what astro events and what harmonic lines align to price pivot swing points on the 30 Year Treasury Bond futures.

To learn more about myself, my writings and the E-Alert, stop by for a visit…. 


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